Learn to design your own game!

With the rise of AI, most things that are data-heavy, analysis-driven will be handled by various AIs in the near future. Creative Quotient is arguably the only area that human beings, if well-trained, will remain superior to AI. To help boost your CQ, Brainio School has carefully crafted an approach where you can easily participate in the exciting and extremely fruitful process of producing your own digital games within a min online and share with the rest of the world.

We provide as many as 20 different games for your kids to learn to develop different games.  It's fun and education (programming and logical thinking) combined in the best possible way.

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Usually there are one or two kids in each session taught by a digital gaming professional. The maximum kids we allow for any given session is 5.
Yes, absolutely. Even better, the games that your kids design can actually be played by the whole world via our website.
If you kids have ever played any games before, it will take 5 minutes or less before they are able to design and share their first game with the rest of the world. We, here at Brainio School, have done all the heavy lift of game designing so that your kids can just design their own game as they PLAY any game with great fun and passion. The only thing your kids need to have is imagination/creativity which are always abundant with kids. As Pablo Picasso so aptly put it:"Every child is an artist!"